Trading beyond money

People are becoming more and more frustrated with $$money$$.

A lot of us don’t have enough $$money$$ to get our families basic needs met, this is staggering !
If a financial system can’t meet the basic needs of people in a rich country, the system needs updating.

1% of Australians own more wealth than bottom 70% combined (1)  Kiddies in Australia are going hungry because the rich won’t share.
It is much worse in some place but either way, $$money$$ isn’t getting the job done.

In lots of places there are no jobs because there is no $$money$$ to pay people !
What a weird situation, people are willing and able to create and exchange value but there is no $$MONEY$$ to pay their wages.

When a big company sets up a new supermarket in a local community, aside from a few dollars spent on wages all the profits are taken out of the community and stored in the bank vaults of the obscenely rich far far away.
Money is made round to go around, seriously the point of money is that it should circulate and it isn’t.


There has to be a better way.

There ARE better ways, and LETS/CES is one of them, it’s not just a theory.
People have been using these alternative and complemetry currencies for over 30 years to help make their lives and their communities richer.


LETS opens up so many opportunities, I am learning to think outside of the confines of a “job mentality”

The system is open and transparent, there really is no way to cheat the system